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Baked Fish With a Nutty Crust And Tahini Sauce

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I made this with Greenland Turbot but it works well with any firm fish like salmon or cod. With a crust based on walnuts, pine nuts garlic, and chili you get a great combination of flavors to which a dimension is added by the tahini sauce. For this recipe I was inspired by Baked fish with tahini sauce from the Australian recipe site

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  1. Preheat the oven to 200 °C
  2. For the sauce: Combine garlic, tahini, yoghurt,lemon juice, and water in a small mixing bowl
  3. Mix well and add salt and pepper to taste
  4. Transfer to a serving bowl and set aside
  5. For the topping: Mix garlic, nuts, chili, onions, coriander, cumin, lemon juice, and olive oil
  6. Season with salt and pepper
  7. Place the fish fillets on a baking dish coated with olive oil
  8. Season the fish with salt and pepper
  9. Distribute the topping evenly on the fish with a spoon
  10. Bake the fish in the oven for 10-12 min or until the inside temperature has reached 50 °C
  11. Serve the fish with tahini sauce together with chickpea and cucumber salad

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