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About Me

I have been a happy home chef for many years. I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I am a chemist by training so I have been working with recipes in my professional life, even if they are of a different kind from the ones that will be posted here. I have always been interested in both eating and cooking great food.
There are two main reason why I have started this blog. The first is that my children have asked me to collect all recipes in an easy to reach format, and what could be a better format than a blog. The second reason is that I have retired from my job in the biotech industry. I have started my own consulting company but I see that as a part time job so I have a lot of time to spend on things I enjoy, like cooking.
I have travelled quite a lot and I think one of the most exciting things about travelling is that you get exposed to different spices, ingredients, and combinations of flavors. I love food from all corners of the World. My current favorite cuisines are Chinese, Turkish, Indian, French, and Italian.